Training Webinar: 12d Model Management Fundamentals – 12d Synergy 101

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Lisa Stewart
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Training Webinar: 12d Model Management Fundamentals – 12d Synergy 101

Post by Lisa Stewart » Wed Aug 19, 2020 4:29 pm

The 12d Synergy team is excited to announce that they’re hosting a free training webinar tomorrow (20th August 2020) on 12d Model data management: 12d Synergy 101 – 12d Model Management Fundamentals.

This step-by-step training session will start at 1:00pm AEST (3:00pm NZST) tomorrow (20th August 2020)! To register now, head to ... inar+part2.

Session Overview
In this session, you'll get an insight into the fundamentals and must-know features of working with and managing 12d Model data in 12d Synergy.

This includes:

• How to create, upload, import and export 12d Model projects with 12d Synergy's Check in/Check out system
• Best practices for managing and setting up 12d Model customisations
• How to go offline and work remotely with 12d Model projects
• A smarter way to share your 12d models and TINs

What’s 12d Synergy?
For those new to 12d Synergy, it’s a data and document management system built specifically for engineering & construction businesses. 12d Synergy provides best in class management of folder of file geospatial datasets, including 12d Model, TUFLOW and XPSWMM. Learn more.

Who this webinar is for? (All 12d users!)
Whether you're an existing, new or non 12d Synergy user - or a 12d Model user looking to learn a little more about 12d Synergy - this webinar is ideal training for all!

If you can’t make it, never fear! You should still register anyway - the 12d Synergy team will be sending out a recorded replay of the webinar to all registrants!

You can sign up now and register at ... inar+part2!

Simran kour
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Re: Training Webinar: 12d Model Management Fundamentals – 12d Synergy 101

Post by Simran kour » Wed Sep 02, 2020 6:51 pm

Thanks for sharing such beautiful information.

Ariftech tech
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Re: Training Webinar: 12d Model Management Fundamentals – 12d Synergy 101

Post by Ariftech tech » Tue Oct 27, 2020 7:28 pm

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