Design Create Pads macro...beta testing

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Peter Taynton
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Design Create Pads macro...beta testing

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I have updated the Create/Edit pad macro to allow several more pad level options such as string height and string slope. There is also a batter option to show where one pad may interface with another.

Anyway...I was looking for a few people who had used the original pad macros often, to test the new options.

You can email me at


just thought...I hope there is someone out there who has used it :roll:
Balasaheb Chougule
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PAD / Grading

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Hi All,
I am trying to grade a lot with slope, with different elevations but having issues.
can anyone help me in to this.

(R side slope is 1 in 2 and North Side Slope is 1 in 3 of a particular plot) slope is towards the road in this case which command we need to use please help.
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