12d Model 11 - A Solid Approach to Civil Design

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12d Model 11 - A Solid Approach to Civil Design

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12d Model 11 - A Solid Approach to Civil Design

A ground breaking development in 12d Model 11 is the production of solid models for not only standard items such as pits and pipes but also for all the other important Civil items such as pavement layers, kerbs and tunnels.

And this is all done with only simple additions to MTF commands so that all the power of the existing (and new V11) MTF commands are available for producing design accurate 3d objects.

This revolutionary approach is not just for designers.
It also allows Estimators and Construction groups to quickly build full 3d roads, railways and tunnels from just the design strings and typical sections.

Plus the generated objects are perfect for 3d Printers!

But 12d Model 11 is not just about 3d Civil objects.
There are over 200 additions to make your work more productive including:

ADAC read and write capabilities
ePlan - generating Cadastral XML files for submission to Authorities
12d Synergy integration
Intelligent Dimensions, Leaders and Tables
Element properties
Tunnel - new generator, setout, conformance and reporting capabilities
New Super alignment commands plus multiple transitions in the one SA
Many new MTF commands including Trim
Unbelievable new powers in Snippets
Chains - over 20 new Chain commands, copy and paste between chains, batch mode
Enhanced Create Roads including Snippets
Enhanced sight distance, Shadow Analysis
1D and 2D drainage enhancements,
12d Field enhancements
Point clouds including E57 format
Hammerhead component
Zipped 12da files,
Drag and drop for many 12d file types,
Pipe and Attribute toolbars
Reading 2d pdf's

To get a taste of some of the new features and enhancements in 12d Model 11, register for a FREE half day Seminar at http://www.12d.com/aus/community/v11-whats-new-seminar/

The FREE What's New in 12d Model 11 Seminars are also an ideal lead-in to the comprehensive look at 12d Model 11 which will occur at its official launch in July at the 12d Model Users Conference in Brisbane http://www.12d.com/aus/community/2014-c ... tion-form/.

Seminar dates already announced are:

Cairns Tue 29 April - morning only
Townsville Wed 30 April - morning and afternoon sessions
Christchurch Tue 6 May - morning only
Wellington Wed 7 May - morning only
Auckland Thur 8 May - morning only
Melbourne Tue 20 May - morning and afternoon sessions
Melbourne Thur 22 May - morning only
Brisbane Tue 27 May - morning and afternoon sessions
Brisbane Wed 28 May - morning and afternoon sessions
Brisbane Thur 29 May - morning and afternoon sessions
Perth Wed 4 June - morning and afternoon sessions
Perth Thur 5 June- morning and afternoon sessions
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