Special Chainages File

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Special Chainages File

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Hi there,

I am a Civil engineer; 12d Designer, and I work for Robert Bird Group in Sydney office. With regard to Special Chainages File, my understanding is that at the current version of 12d it is only possible to type in the actual required chainage manually in the SPC file which makes the SPC file quite hard copy in terms of any future changes in the kerb returns radius, for example. I was wondering if it is possible to use the below mentioned chainages in SPC files which would make the SPC file more flexible in terms of changes in the road and kerb returns geometry.

chainage_high "KERB RETURNS->KR 05 to 02"
chainage_low "KERB RETURNS->KR 01 to 05"

I attached a DWG file as an example for demonstration of what I am trying to put forward. For clarification KR 05 to 02 is where the pointer B is pointing at and KR 01 to 05 is located at point D in this example.

And if there is no feature on SPC files for recognition the above mentioned chainages, I think it would be a very handy update for the future versions of 12d to introduce this new feature on SPC files specially when it comes to assigning SPC files in some plot files. At the moment, without having SPC file assigned to this road, sections A and C would be plotted in cross-sections as output which is not really what is desirable to be plotted as a full section of the road at the start and end of the road.

Thanks for your time.

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