String/Model Comparison Tools

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Darcy Richardson
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String/Model Comparison Tools

Post by Darcy Richardson »

Hi there, I'm trying to run a comparison of models/strings to determine how complete the second is compared to the first, and not sure if it's something that 12d can do easily.
The problem we're looking at is that we have a DESIGN model in the project, and then we receive AS CON survey data of the construction out on site and place on a second model. We have many different design packages, so we're looking to get a bit of an automated check/report of how much data is missing/still to be received for the AC models when compared to the design models.
For example, there might be 80% similarity between the AC and design models, or there might be 5 valves in the AC compared to 7 in the design.
Is there any way to run some sort of check of similarity/overlap between the models, or total length of strings in the model/number of features in each model?
Thanks, Darcy
Graeme Winfield
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Re: String/Model Comparison Tools

Post by Graeme Winfield »

Hi Darcy

There are probably many ways to what you are after.

You can do a quantity report on both models.
Report =>Quantities

The Conformance Report may also assist.
Survey =>Conformance =>Pavement report
Ed Wilson
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Re: String/Model Comparison Tools

Post by Ed Wilson »

if well named and unique strings, there is a COMPARE tool (use search box forget the full name) actually maybe compare named strings but

if string names are not great, not consistent, not unique it wont help. Nothing will because there is possibly nothing to compare
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