Two question about stormwater design

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Two question about stormwater design


following my previous question about catchments I have two more question I will appreciate any one shed some light on.

1- How one should define the downstream boundary conditions such as downstream flood level for entire reticulation. In other words where in 12d we are able to define all the network's downstream hydraulic specifications such as:
flood level, whether system is discharging to a tale water or existing system with such and such level and pressure.

2- Does 12d generates Hydrograph/unit Hydrographs of the defined inlet catchments by running the model? and if yes how and where is to find it after ruining the system? addition to this, is it possible to attach a hydrogragh to catchment as it's hydraulic input rather than numerical inputs? (A, tc, C ... )

years ago I used to work with drains and I have quite bit of experience with that. all these were the features of drains that gives the designer the chance to control his/her system and I want to figure out similar features in 12d

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