Public Works Standards

Standard Library files for 12d Model
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Lee Gregory
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Public Works Standards

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The Public Works Standards is for the standard Setup and Library files that will be shipped and installed for 12d Model 14 which will be released after the 12d Technical Forum at the end of July 2018 (see

These files have been developed in conjunction with the IPWEAQ to be a common standard.
They have been developed for everyone to use, and should help reduce the time and money needed to develop your own company standards.

Unless noted otherwise, these files can be used with 12d Model 12.

Although the files are still under development, feel free to use them and provide any feedback which will then be passed back to the IPWEA Committee.
Lukas Van Dijk
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public works standards

Post by Lukas Van Dijk »

Hey Lee,

the 12d link does not work in the above post, could you tell me where i can find the IPWEAQ stuff in 12d?

or is it still currently under development?
Graeme Winfield
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Hi Lukas

They are part of the V14 install.

Here is where the files can be downloaded from for V12.
Greg Spillane
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Post by Greg Spillane »

Hi guys,

Wondering if the accompanying documentation is out yet for the built in v14 Public works standards?

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