Revised time slot: MPS Frames and Node Referencing Webinar

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Revised time slot: MPS Frames and Node Referencing Webinar

Post by Lisa Stewart » Mon Jul 27, 2020 10:18 am

MPS Frames and Node Referencing (12d Model Training Webinar)

New time slot: This Wednesday 29th Jul, 1pm (Sydney time)
Register: ... =978830923

Following on from the 'Multipage Plots Overview' webinar which introduced the structure and functionality of MPS plotting in 12d Model 14, the MPS Frames and Node Referencing webinar will cover in greater detail the types and purposes of MPS nodes and sub nodes.

We will be covering the different MPS frame types that can be used to produce complete page compositions for plotting including plans, cross sections, long sections, perspective ,3d PDF, and water node Frame types.

Referencing of MPS sub nodes will also be demonstrated, enabling users to reduce or eliminate manual duplication of plotted compositions including title blocks, frames, models, and text.

We'll also cover how to utilise CSV drawing registers to populate title block information and custom page numbering, and the process for linking to MPS pages is also included in this webinar.

A section on MPS Special Chapters, enabling the power of existing 12d Model plot parameter file (PPF) plotting operations, managed within the MPS, will complete this exciting session!

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