COVID-19: Free 12d Synergy Access to Work Remotely

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COVID-19: Free 12d Synergy Access to Work Remotely

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With the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic worsening, your business and thousands of others may be required to work from home in the coming weeks.

12d Solutions and 12d Synergy are committed to supporting your health and well-being and ensuring you a smooth transition from office to home, particularly those working with large 12d Model and other geospatial datasets.

Below is a message from 12d Synergy about an offer they're running at the moment to assist with this.

Complimentary 12d Synergy Licenses to Work Remotely
To help you and your business adjust to remote working, we’re providing free access of 12d Synergy to any organisation who needs it, during the difficult months ahead.
This offer is available for both non-users and existing 12d Synergy users.
This will include a priority fast-tracked 12d Synergy onboarding program, so you can be remote-ready right away and get the most out of the system.
Request Free 12d Synergy Access: ... nt=march20

12d Synergy and Remote Working
12d Synergy is a top-rated data management and remote working solution used by thousands of 12d Model users to work and collaborate easier with large engineering data.
12d Synergy offers unrivalled management of folder-based geospatial software, including 12d Model, with Managed Folders, Intelligent Data Transfers and document control, all from a remotely accessible common data environment.

Request Free 12d Synergy Access
For non-users of 12d Synergy, simply click the link below and complete the short form to request your free access.
If you’re already using 12d Synergy, you can contact your account rep or click the link below to discuss complimentary licenses and remote working solutions.
Request Free 12d Synergy Access: ... nt=march20

By making our software freely available, we hope we can play our part in protecting people’s health and well-being and safeguarding you and your business against the challenging times ahead.
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We hope you all stay safe and healthy.

Best regards,
Joel Gregory and Richard Stoliar
12d Synergy Co-Founders
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