Vertical Realignment

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Umar Siddiqui
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Vertical Realignment

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Hi guys,
Hope you're all well

I am a new user of 12d, and while working on a design, I realised I was re-iterating a fair bit of road alignments and then having to go back to fix up the vertical geometry for the multiple kerbs lips and centrelines in my model.

When I do these alignments the first time, I specifically choose to match the geometry for example lok Road 1 to lok Road 2.
I was wondering whether the software is capable of keeping the vertical geometries matched up at the relevant nodes when I change my road grades and heights? I feel that this will allow me to reiterate my roads and lot grades much more optimally

Graeme Winfield
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Re: Vertical Realignment

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Hi Umar

Changes to the horizontal geometry will affect chainages and lengths from the location of the change to the end of the alignment.

This affect will flow onto the vertical geometry, the MTF and other elements of the design.

For the Vertical geometry of the SA, there is a setting in the property panel, branch Basic > Sync, for the editor.
With Vertical sync on, 12d tries to keep vertical elements at the same location past the change point.
Could this be what you are after?

Also, using computators can keep SA referencing in sync with each other.
Ed Wilson
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Re: Vertical Realignment

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short answer yes. It is detailed in the "getting started road design" training manual
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