V14.0Ck - Trimesh

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Scott S Brownjohn
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V14.0Ck - Trimesh

Post by Scott S Brownjohn »

We have recently updated from version V14.0Cf to version V14.0Ck

I am attempting to rerun a number of trimesh using:-

BIM > Trimesh > Create > Trimesh BIM objects apply

I have previously saved "ELECT 1 100.12dvsa", after reading this in all looked the same.

However once I hit "Process" the existing data within the 3d view disappearing and was not being replaced with new data.

Within a 2d View the pipes are shown but with no level information.

Have also tried setting up a new "Trimesh BIM Objects Apply" panel from scratch and nothing appears within the 3d View

Why is this happening?

Scott S Bj
Peter Taynton
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Re: V14.0Ck - Trimesh

Post by Peter Taynton »

I am not sure...but can you send me your trimesh node link file, a 12da of some data and the "ELECT 1 100.12dvsa


Jessica Wood
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Re: V14.0Ck - Trimesh

Post by Jessica Wood »

Was there a solution to this?

I found this only occurs when I try to run the BIM objects to a super alignment
Peter McGrath
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Re: V14.0Ck - Trimesh

Post by Peter McGrath »

Hi Scott,

I have come across some similar issues with the Trimesh BIM Objects Apply, what was working on the previous version is not now. I have been running a few tests (dealing with segments only) however no complete solution as yet. A few issues I have noted which may assist

1. The Primary issue may NOT be the Parameter file (*.12vsa), the same issues occur in the Panel whether a parameter file is used or not.
2. Super alignments are not reading correctly. If applying to multiple SA's one may work with a Trimesh created, but the remainder do not. I converted the Super alignments to Super strings and had some success with the application.
3. Using String Grading Verses Tin Level - If the "Use tin above to set <Data Source> levels" is checked (turned on) the trimesh is created on ALL SA's as apposed to ONLY one. Not real helpful due to level issue but interesting to note.
4. Not reading segment type properties - The Trimesh colours are all coming out at shade 32 and are not using the colour properties noted in the trimesh file. I am not sure if there are any other properties that have same issue.
5. Previewing correctly but not creating correctly - This makes me think that there are issues with the Trimesh BIM Objects apply function rather then the 12d Trimesh Node link.4d file.

Hope this gives a bit more info so that we can get this issue resolved. I have had a whole model corrupt on me because of this and I'm having to think outside the box to try and fix it.

David McNally
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Re: V14.0Ck - Trimesh

Post by David McNally »

Any updates on this? first time I've been using the Bim Apply options so thought this was some sort of 12d limitation currently but sounds more like a bug.. while we are at it could we request TBOA to include horizontal and vertical alignment vertex points of the super alignment it is applying to?
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