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zhao Hao
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I am a new starter in the company. Currently, the company are using 12d networking licences. When IT installed 12d 2 weeks ago, they didn't install USER_LIB. I am working on a project with a drainage network & basin system in the coming week.
I checked the user_lib saved under the company share folder. It was the old one.
I may require someone to help me get 12d Library data with drainage design function 'BasinWithCulvertAndWeirOutlets'.

Contact No. 0416179898
Sydney (Zhao)
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Matthew Monk
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Re: 12daLibrary

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USER_LIB is a variable that can be changed and customised to suit your needs. By default, it will be C:\12d\14.00\User_lib . You could, if you want, set it to a network shared drive location that everyone can access. I'd suggest reading the 12d Help file, particularly the section about Setting Up & Configuring 12d, and then getting in touch with your local 12d support person (or asking again here on the forum). It's hard to give specific advice until you've decided the more general aspects of it all.

All the 12da Library items should also be available under $LIB\12dalibrary , as these files are installed with 12d Model.
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