12d Stormwater Part 1 pdf

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12d Stormwater Part 1 pdf

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12d Stormwater Part 1 pdf error
Revised - 17 September 2007

There is an error with this manual when you get to page 16 of the manual.
It states to use create roads manager and hit create, however, it uses a DDF file that automatically creates the function and hitting create will not work.

2 Workarounds.

1. When loaded the Create roads manager goto:

Utilities => Functions => Delete => Delete a Function

And delete the function design.

This will have to be done each time you load the CRM using the same date in the same spot as mentioned in the manual.

2. Before loading the CRM, edit the Create_Roads_Manager.ddf in C:\12djobs\8.00\Courses\Drainage\ Or wherever the training folders are installed.

Edit the line:

Field "Function" "design"

and change to:

Field "Function" ""

Save the file.

Now each time the CRM loads using that file it loads without a function name and hence avoids the problem. This is the recommended way if you want to use the manual again on the same computer to avoid the problem.
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